About Paco

Paco is a Belgian born and raised creative artist, cartoonist and fire fighter. Since childhood he has been passionate about arts, cars and fire fighting. He loves cartoons and developed his own signature cartoon style. According to his interests you will find that his main subjects are motorsports and fire fighting. He attended art school, studying graphic design, but being born into a fire-fighter family, he was naturally drawn towards this other calling. Despite this he never let go of his creative drive. Over the years, he became a well-known cartoonist within the fire fighter and motorsports community.

Personal art heroes: Robert Williams, Todd Schorr, Salvador Dali, Coop, Clovis/Claude Viseur (with whom he had the privilege to share a stand on the “Brussels Autosalon 2002”!)

If you want a cartoon of your car - truck - bike - plane - or whatever you have there, just contact Paco. He can make you a simple cartoon or if you want to have the full monty... (Cartoon - illustrator drawing - movie of your garage workshop and car - and a step by step timelapse of the drawing.)
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The making of "Stage One Christophe"