Gl-Pk Porsche Carglasscup (1997)

Gl-Pk Porsche Carglasscup (1997)

Sometime in the previous century I had the opportunity to make some “brainstorm” pre-designs for the Gl-Pk team. Johan Moons had me involved into this. 

I always started with the same base drawing. (Making life a bit easy in pre-digital times…! Long live Photoshop!)
All of their cars had the same base livery. (The checkered flags on the bonnet and at the back.) 

Several potential sponsor deals were tried out. Some made it, some didn’t. 
I loved to do it nevertheless. 

So I came up with some of the following designs. 

The one I liked working on most was the Bastos-Fina Porsche; driven by Snijers-Thiers. These colors were famous back then. (I still like them!) It’s a nice bulky car with a big spoiler at the back. A few years ago I stumbled upon a model of this one in a dubious sales boot at the Interclassics Show in Brussels. I had to have it, although it was a bit tatty… I bought it.

This is the actual car.

The model...

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