Christophe's Stage One!

Christophe's Stage One!

One rainy sunday afternoon we went to Christophe... Known from the "Leafers Point" shop. 
We took some pictures, shot some video footage...

Had a good chat (about Land Rovers of course). Drooled over the various cars... He has a nice Range Rover Classic in the process of restauration. So far it looks very nice! It's highly detailed and extremely well done! (Check the brass reservoir in the engine compartement.) 

Back home I fired up the trusty Imac and Cintiq... And started the (painstakingly) drawing proces. Under the watchful eyes of some of my desktop companions. And several cups of coffee in a Land Rover mug of course... 

First I made a side view of the Stage One in Adobe Illustrator. 

A few hours later... (... Days...) This was the end result. 

In the meantime Elfie made a short video of the Stage One.

Then I got to work in Photoshop to make a cartoon of the Stage One. 
Again several hours and a few dozen cups of coffee and cursing later...

The Hang Rover Cartoon... 

The artwork files were send over to Kadeco Vision in Beverlo for printing... Michaël and his staf printed them on these very fancy and sustainable Stanley/Stella shirt and hoodie... (Creator t-shirt and Drummer hoodie)

And two on high quality print paper. 

Then I went to Christophe to hand him over the t-shirt and hoodie. And made some pictures off course. He is an outstanding "catwalk model"! (Or better greenlane model!)


The final video of the Leafers Point shop and the artwork process is in the making...

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